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Hamilton Township was organized under it's current name in 1807, and among the first settlers were John Dill, Michael Fisher, Percival Adams, Thomas Morris, James Culbertson, George W. Williams, Robert Shannon and his six sons, the Weatheringtons, the Stewarts, the Stombaughs and the Johnstons. Most came from Pennsylvania and Kentucky, but some came from other places as well.


The township enjoys a bounty of rich farmland and is the site of the once busy Ohio Canal, which ran through the Village of Lockbourne. Lockbourne served as a rest and recreation stop for the users of the canal and was also an industrial center known for steel production.


There is evidence that the earliest native americans who lived in Hamilton Township built large dirt mounds as can be seen throughout the township.


Today, Hamilton Township is a rich farming community and is also a bedroom community for the City of Columbus. It recieves it's water and sewage services from the City of Columbus and is bordered by Pickaway County, Jackson Township, Madison Township and Columbus.


Hamilton Township Schools are home to the 'Hamilton Rangers' and is made up of one elementary school, one intermediate school, one middle school, one high school and an administration office. Additionally, Hamilton Township operates the Hamilton Township Fire Department, road department and township administration offices.




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Hamilton Township has many railways.
Among the many farms found in Hamilton Township.
Hoover Y Park entrance.
Beautiful Hamilton Township!
Hamilton Township Administration Building.
Hamilton Township is a farming community.