Fire Safety


  • "Go right for lights!" For everyone's safety, please be sure to always move to the right (not left) shoulder of the road  for lights & sirens. 


  • Reflective address signs are vitally important for police and fire services to find your home in the event of an emergency. If you do not have a conspicuously displayed address sign at your home, may we suggest contacting Hamilton Township Fire Department or sending us an e-mail for assistance in obtaining one. Reflective address signs are available through the fire department for $10.00.


  • "Smoke detectors save lives!" When was the last time you checked your batteries? A universally accepted rule of thumb is to replace your batteries at each daylight-savings time change. Better to be safe than sorry! If your residence is in need of a smoke detector, please contact Hamilton Township Fire Department for assistance in obtaining one.


  • Fire extinguishers are valuable tools in helping to stop the spread of fire while the fire department responds to your 911 call. Always keep a suitable fire extinguisher in an easily accessible place, and if safe to do so, use it! "DO NOT ENDANGER YOUR LIFE OR THE LIFE OF OTHERS ATTEMPTING TO EXTINGUISH A FIRE. IF THE DANGER IS TOO HIGH TO SAFELY USE YOUR FIRE EXTINGUSHER, OR IF YOU DO NOT FEEL COMFORTABLE DOING SO, EVACUATE THE STUCTURE IMMEDIATELY AND AWAIT THE ARRIVAL OF THE FIRE DEPARTMENT. ALWAYS FOLLOW THE '3-A's' OF FIGHTING FIRE". For a detailed discussion of the various types of fire extinguishers and their proper use, click here.


  • Do you have a home escape plan? Take the time to develop a plan for you and your family to escape your home in the event of a fire, and practice it! Be sure to include a rendezvous point, away from the danger, so you can ensure everyone is safe. If you have a multi-story home, consider a fire escape ladder as a means of emergency egress. Once you are out of the burning structure, DO NOT RE-ENTER!


  • Remember to "stop, drop and roll" if you should find your clothing on fire. Also, remember that heat and smoke rise. If you should find yourself inside of a burning structure:


    • STAY CALM!

    • CALL "911"

    • Stay as low as possible and close all doors to minimize heat and smoke exposure.

    • GET OUT as soon as you can. 

    • Once out, DO NOT RE-ENTER!


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