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Issue 45 Quick Facts

1.      Fire levy adopted in 2014 expires in 2019 = 0.5 mil.

a.      This is being dropped off the books and is              being replaced with a 4 mil; so the addition            to the tax payer is really 3.5 mil because we          have already been paying the .5 mil.


2.      Fire levy adopted in 1988 no expiration = 6.5 mil. 


3.      Fire levy adopted in 2009 expires in 2019 = 3 mil.  

a.      This is being renewed, as is, because it has a          12.5 % roll back attached to it, which saves            the tax payers money.


4.      Fire levy adopted in 2016 no expiration = 4 mil.


5.      Fire levy adopted in 2001 no expiration = 2.5 mil.


6.      Total for all levies = 16.5 mil.


7.      As of today, collections are estimated to be at               14.85 mil because some people do not pay taxes.


8.      Our budget is about 3.67 million, fire only. EMS              fund average is about 765,000 per year.


9.     The increase will generate about 1.2 million and if             the levy fails we will lose about 1,012,407.57.

Hamilton Township Fire Department extends our greatest thanks to the residents of Hamilton Township for your continued support! Through your generous contributions, Hamilton Township Fire Department can  continue to provide the best possible fire and EMS services to the community of Hamilton Township.


Your tax dollars are used to maintain both Hamilton Township's fire stations, along with all of the equipment and manpower that is involved in general operations.


Questions or comments concerning Hamilton Township's levies can be addressed either by sending us an email, or attending the township's semi-monthly trustee's meetings.