Firefighter's Family of Hamilton Township

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Hamilton Township Fire Department is honored and proud to accept the support and assistance of our firefighter's families.


The 'Firefighter's Family of Hamilton Township' is Hamilton Township Fire Department's auxilliary association, and is made up of the wives, daughter's, son's and other close family and friends of the firefighters of Hamilton Township.


Without the loving support of this dedicated group of family and friends, our job would be delegated to the ranks of 'ordinary'. It is these people that add the 'extra' to the term! Here are just a few of the valuable and welcomed services that they provide:


  • Food and rehabilitation support during extended emergency and training operations.

  • Habitability supplies such as cookware, dishes, silverware, cups and glasses, for our firefighters while they reside at the fire station every third day.

  • Assistance in fire department fundraising and promotional efforts.

  • Holiday meals for our firefighters who are working on special holidays such as Christmas, Thanksgiving, Independence day etc.


We are blessed and honored to have these dedicated members of this association at our side, and we know that the community supports them as well.

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Spaghetti Supper Bake Sale

Spaghetti Supper Bake Sale

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