Hamilton Township Seal
American Flag & Eagle

Jerry Lupfer
Roger Stimpfle
James Deal
Fred Altevogt
Jack Legg
Doug Lane

George Colbert

Robert Collins

Robert Brock

Howard Siders

Paul Branson

Rev. Vernon Jones

James Anderson

Steve Collins

Alan J.B. Moore

Robert Powers

William Smith

Paul Welsh

Chester Livingston
Gary Hahn
Donald Mallon
Marty Hoy

John Cummins

Steve McWilliams

Wesley Loper

Jerry Niemann

Barbara Donofrio

Patricia Ingold

Russell Solomon

Tim Davis

James R Wamsley

Edward Wikoff

James A Zorak

Clayton Canter

Charles K Witter

Firefighter walking through flames
Hamilton Township Fire Department Logo

Hamilton Township Fire Department joins the community of Hamilton Township in expressing our heart-felt thanks for a job well done!


* While we honor all who have served Hamilton Township, this list only reflects those past employees who have solely served Hamilton Township Fire Department, and does not inlude those who left Hamilton Township to continue their career in the fire service elsewhere.